Nintendo Unveils Wii Mini Currently Exclusive to Canada

Nintendo has announced a new version of its Wii console. The crimson-bordered Wii Mini is a trimmed-down Nintendo Wii, taking away both GameCube compatibility (which already happened in the 2011 edition) and, more importantly, Internet access. Removing online access would make the Wii Mini the most barebone among the Wii’s, just like previous Nintendo consoles […]

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Nyko Power Grip Pro for Nintendo 3DS

One of the biggest issues that ticked off consumers from buying Nintendo 3DS is its short battery life. With only three to five hours worth of 3D gaming, how will you enjoy your Nintendo 3DS while on the go? Nyko introduces a peripheral that gives your 3DS some extra juice. The Power Grip Pro case […]

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Nintendo Reveals Details About iPad Rival Wii U

Nintendo launches its first console in six years with hopes that it would bring the Japanese company back on the green after reporting a loss worth almost $ 460 million from last year. The Wii U supports up to two tablet-like Gamepad controllers that Nintendo intends to compete with the iPad. Unlike Apple’s iconic tablet, […]

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Nintendo Outs Huge and Bulky 3DS XL

Like the Nintendo DSi before it, Nintendo reveals a large-screen version of the 3DS handheld console. The Nintendo 3DS LL, which will most likely renamed 3DS XL in North American, features a 4.88-inch top screen and a 4.18-inch bottom touch screen. The new device adds over an inch to today’s 3DS’ screen and comes with […]

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