Nintendo Unveils Wii Mini Currently Exclusive to Canada

Nintendo has announced a new version of its Wii console. The crimson-bordered Wii Mini is a trimmed-down Nintendo Wii, taking away both GameCube compatibility (which already happened in the 2011 edition) and, more importantly, Internet access. Removing online access would make the Wii Mini the most barebone among the Wii’s, just like previous Nintendo consoles […]

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Ouya Developer Kits Shipping on December 28

The makers of Ouya, the highly-anticipated Android-based gaming console, have announced that its developer kits will be shipped to select Kickstarter backers beginning December 28th. They also stated that Ouya’s software development kit will be available on that same day. The Ouya will be smaller than traditional consoles, as illustrated in the photo in this […]

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Karaoke for Xbox Live Begins December 11

If you would rather belt a tune and move to the groove, you would definitely be singing songs of praise with this news. Microsoft and Stingray Digital Group have collaborated for “Karaoke,” which will be available on Xbox Live beginning December 11th. The game can be downloaded for free, but aspiring karaoke superstars would have […]

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Capcom Announces Street Fighter X Mega Man

Capcom is celebrating two milestones: the 25th anniversaries of Street Fighter and Mega Man. We have heard a lot from the former, enjoying a lot of lavish promotions including a fancy chess set and anniversary editions of its titles. But what of the Blue Robot? Its latest release, “Mega Man Xover,” is only available on […]

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Street Fighter x Sanrio Merchandise Unveiled

Well, this looks kawaii! San Diego, California-based peripheral maker Mad Catz reveals the latest in many Street Fighter crossovers, this time mashing it up with another well-loved Japanese franchise–Sanrio. Indeed, the company has bought the licenses for both and put them together to come up with Street Fighter x Sanrio line of accessories. First on […]

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