GameStick Temporarily Suspended from Kickstarter

Call it a minor setback for upcoming GameStick Android-based game console. The project was temporarily removed from Kickstarter due to a copyright infringement complaint.

PlayJam, the makers of GameStick, sent out a message to its Kickstarter backers informing them about the suspension. The complaint stemmed from the inclusion of a video game in their UI demonstration video and apparently they have no permission to use it. While the demonstration was all about showing off GameStick’s design prototype, game companies may not be comfortable with the unsolicited association.

Like Ouya, GameStick is a home gaming console that runs on Android. The difference is the GameStick is so small, it can be fitted like a flash drive. It has since been able to reach thrice its funding goal of $ 100,000 before the suspension, which PlayJam needs to resolve in 30 days.

And thankfully they did. In an e-mail to its backers, PlayJam wrote: “We’re writing to inform you that the DMCA process for GameStick: The Most Portable TV Games Console Ever Created is complete. The project is now available.”

Source: TechCrunch
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