PlayStation 4 to Debut February 20

Sony Entertainment will be hosting a PlayStation Meeting in Manhattan on February 20, Wednesday, and the PlayStation 4 is expected to be unveiled there.

Images of the PlayStation 4 controller, both as a mockup and in-the-flesh, have been leaked online. The design is similar to the previous versions, with a flat surface at the center that is rumored to be a touchpad.

Sony teases that the upcoming console would offer “new gaming options.” Various publications speculate that Sony’s acquisition last year of cloud-gaming company Gaikai may be involved, particularly how it will let people play games streamed in real time over the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources, says that the streams will feature games designed for the outgoing predecessor, the PlayStation 3. This would have taken Sony a lot of effort to make the PS4 backward-compatible, as a previous WSJ report indicates that the next console would likely be embedded with AMD-made chips instead of the ones developed by Sony, IBM, and Toshiba, that were featured on PS3.

If indeed true, playing games while on stream with the PlayStation 4 would–in a way–address the popularity of mobile game apps on smartphones and tablets.

But with a new way of playing games on PS4 comes with new questions on how players would be charged for the streams, which the Journal has not reported.

Source: Wall Street Journal, via CNET
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