Ouya Developer Kits Shipping on December 28

The makers of Ouya, the highly-anticipated Android-based gaming console, have announced that its developer kits will be shipped to select Kickstarter backers beginning December 28th. They also stated that Ouya’s software development kit will be available on that same day. The Ouya will be smaller than traditional consoles, as illustrated in the photo in this […]

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Ouya Android-Based Hackable Gaming Console

Let’s face it: more and more video gamers are playing with their mobile devices instead. There are many reasons behind this trend. While casual gamers look at it as cool thing to do, not to mention a wider variety of cheaper titles, independent video game developers point to the console market and how it pushed […]

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Ouya to Bring Final Fantasy III to TV

Gamers who have been so excited about Ouya have another reason to get giddy: the Android-based gaming console forged a partnership with Square Enix to develop a console version of “Final Fantasy III.” Pitched on Kickstarter crowd-funding website, Ouya is funded by almost 46,000 individuals and has reached about $ 5.9 million–not bad for a […]

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Ouya Announces Partnership with Vevo Unveils Limited-Edition Console

Ouya has been on a roll in providing exciting news to its would-be users. After announcing that it will bring “Final Fantasy III” to the TV screen, the team behind the Android-powered video game console posted on its Kickstarter page that it has partnered with Vevo. This tie-up will provide Ouya owners to use their […]

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OUYA Game Console Project Raises 85 Million Funding At Kickstarter

It is just never easy to keep a good idea down. When its a great idea, people tend to get interested. If its a very great idea, people may even be willing to spend money just to help get that very great idea exist for people to touch, see and experience. This is probably what […]

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